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All-In-One Pet Apps : ScritchSpot

ScritchSpot Offers a Wealth of Fun and Useful Resources for Pet Parents

ScritchSpot is a free new app from Aon that functions as a one-stop resource for all of a pet parent’s needs. The name of the app comes from a “scritch spot,” or the particular area where a pet loves to be scratched.

As well as being able to use the app to discover a pets that are up for adoption, app users will also make the most of the app for everything from learning about training pets to discovering product reviews and finding a pet sitter or a dog walker. ScritchSpot also helps pet parents do much more, such as locate pet-friendly bars, hotels and retailers and quickly find pet care information.

Aside from all of the educational and informational resources that the app provides, pet parents will also enjoy using the in-app camera, which uses sound effects to catch a pet’s attention.

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