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Enigma Syndrome | Leopard Geckos

Enigma Syndrome (ES) is a neurological disorder that affects the balance and cognition of leopard geckos. In this video I attempt to explain what causes it, why it occurs, symptoms of it, and how to cope with it.

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Enigma Syndrome in Leopard Geckos: An Autosomal Dominant Disorder



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  1. Your information seems reasonable but mines only star gazes nothing else she loves her set up and she’s alway climbing her branch and going in her hide this also could mean the tank not offering her more things to explore it’s why I’m buying her new things it’s nothing major with this syndrome you just have to make sure your tank has a lot stuff for you gecko to explore and And may I suggest background pictures for the tank that usually helps with the stargazing it actually makes them feel In there natural environment

  2. I got so scared when I saw my gecko was just laying upside down. And she didn't fully shed. I read a few articles saying it was dangerous. Now I saw your video now I am still slightly scared but not as much. I thought she was dead (speck). She still acting strange but I bet she will be fine

  3. I was wondering what was going on with my gecko and found this video. Thank you young sir 🙂

    My gecko is 14 years old and has the syndrome. It started around 8 months ago.
    He's losing balance while walking, sometimes he collapses on his face and stay there a few seconds. He has a problem with striking at the crickets. Caught him a few time on it's back (death roll). Also flexibility problem; he is having a hard time getting his old skin off and "cleaning" (I guess) his butt 😐

    I help him with feeding, clean water with a drop of mineral oil (help with pooping and get the skin really shiny).
    Also, I give him warm baths for it old skin.

    Thanks again!

  4. Can this occur in the wild? I captured a lizard that has similar symptoms to this and it is wild. Probably why it was so easy to catch.She stargazes and she stumbles around when she walks. This morning she was eating dirt of all things.

  5. I have a baby blizzard and she just keep walking in circles and she is starting to get skinny what can I do she won’t stop moving day or night she stops for a few seconds lay down then go back to walking she hasn’t eaten in 6 days any advice temps are correct humidity is correct and she is in a shoe box sized enclosure

  6. Hello, recently I noticed a strange behaviour of my gecko. i took it out of terrarium and I turned on some flashing Xmas lights for a while. I noticed that the gecko freezed. It was breathing, but when I tried to touch it, it didn't move. It lasted for maybe one minute, but later it was okay. I'm really worried because my gecko had been always healthy. Could anyone help me?

  7. Wow! That's what I can say Chris. Your Save Your Leopard Gecko guide is really an eye opener for me. All this while I thought taking care of my leopard gecko is just like taking of another pet. You went into very minute details in your guide about how to take care of my gecko that I suddenly realized there are so much more I need to know! My hats off to you Chris for this great >>> guide!

  8. I’m guessing I already know the answer to this, but to make sure, just because a couple of these symptoms are done often doesn’t necessarily mean a gecko has ES? Just to make sure since my gecko, Ronon, will often miss his food when it is in front of him (for both crickets and superworms), and he will often stargaze. I just want to make sure I fully understand my Leo and can give him the best life I can, despite the fact that people do not know how to cook their food in my dorm.

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