Secret Emotions of Dogs
Dr Jones talks about a recent study from the Canine Cognition Center which finds conclusive evidence about extensive dog emotions in 16 different facial expressions. SO much more than ‘can i have a cookie please look..’

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33 Replies to “Secret Emotions of Dogs”

  1. Cats too!! We recently adopted a senior cat, Cass, and she comes and sits on a chair next to me when I'm online, and just looks at me. She just sits there and stares:). I am sure you know Dr., that as the studies have shown, that the words we speak affect plants, etc. I recall the studies showing speaking words of love and death over plants and rice, and how they flourished and died, depending on the words spoken over them. (Just like Jesus and death is in the tongue!!). So, I wanted to add, that words of life and love, change an animals behavior and emotions – in more ways than we can understand I think!! I always sing to my animals, and they love it!!! Thanks again for blessing us with your love and help for our beloved animal family!!

  2. They really give unconditional love and comfort, esp. when truly needed . Looking into his eyes, watching his mannerisms makes me think he's a gift from above ….Plus he keeps my secrets . Ha

  3. Dr. Jones please do a video on Lime Disease!!
    When it should be treated and if one should Wait for symptoms or treat when blood test comes back positive but no symptoms?????

  4. Rocky is a rescue…he was 3 yr.s old when we got him…every time we take him in the car he cries and gets very Aggravated and really lets us know!!!!
    We think he is afraid of going back to whatever he came from!!!????

  5. It's awesome to hear of a study backing up what those if us who deeply love our dogs already intuitively knew in our hearts. Thank you ! Now for this to be integrated into more humane training methods.

  6. This is very interesting. My cat is also a very good communicator of her feelings. Usually good ones, but sometimes not so nice. LOL 😻😼🙀😾😺
    But back to the subject of dogs, it would be helpful if you could also talk about their less than positive expressions and maybe even danger signs in an aggressive dog.

  7. Oh yes,,to everyone,,UK gobshites ministers have passed a law that states animals have absolutely no sentient feelings,hence it's ok,to separate pup,calves etc from parents on moment of birth,then make calves,goatkids,lambs,stand in huge lorries from UK to Europe somewhere for slaughter,without stopping for approx 18hrs,no food,no water,because how would they even know they're thirsty or 'upset. The thinking public here weren't aware this bill was being sneaked through..feel sick typing this xxx

  8. Ok,,gulags gorgeous lol.ok,have to mention this,,,poor wee Strawbry,my Jack with the systemic itchy,hot painful, dry blister thing that just won't go away,,it's now 5 moths and because followed Andrews oatmeal washes and grub etc,she seemed calm and better,,last week her face was itchy as he'll,she was even out rubbing her cheeks on the haw frost ..the thing started inside her wee cheek,worked it's way through the tissue to the outside of her skin,then looked like shed been slashed ,and it's sore.with reference to dogs showing they love you,,Strawbrys been showing me her bum,at every opportunity over 5 days,but,this is where the redness in streaks,loss of hair a bit but no pustules this time and,she's in bad form and exhausted,appetite ok,,all of which she's letting me know,,drama queen absolutely taking Andrews advice and taking strawb for a skin test at vets tomorrow.its def not contagious, but a 5 month things not on..and vets no real idea what it this daft of me to say Andrew,, could her skin,thing,be a result of her broke inducing ability to catch her own crabs on the rocks in Donegal,then pull the legs off and eat them even though it's so long ago…id swear she's slightly more debilitated than before,,it's freezing here too

  9. I haven't been on YouTube recently Dr. Andrew, I moved to another state. I'm so glad I ran across this video. I wanted to ask you about my dog Ashy. All of our playing ball has stopped because we have no safe place to play at this time, we are looking for a house with a yard, as of now I have to keep her on a leash. (Highway right out the front door) She's not used to that either! Could my dog possibly be depressed by this. I know she feels my fear of something happening to her. Also homeless stray dogs around.( I'm now carrying pepper spray)😱 It has been three weeks now, and I noticed that my Ashy dog is acting differently, although she does like cats she's not used to living with one. But they do get along real well. Another thing is… She is so used to her aunts attention alone. When her aunt lived with us, her aunt was her big play toy. My sis moved 5 yrs ago, and now my sis, and I are united again, and she now has a cat, and is sharing attention with her cat naturally, but she's not ignoring my dog. When I try to feed her, or call her to get her attention, she turns her head, and ignores me. A little concerned with what's going on here. I'm not sure what's bothering her the most. I'm wondering if she could be depressed, or showing me she's just displeased with me. Any suggestions? Blessings to you, and your family.💝

  10. Definitely agree with you and the studies that dogs have many emotions that enhance their communication & relationship with us. My Alaskan Malamute Pinga conveyed her complex emotions using direct or indirect eye contact, vocal speech like saying Wawa when she wanted water if her bowl was empty, negotiating with us in a polite way to get a share of our food at mealtimes by offering her raw chicken carcass as a trade in exchange for our food , She would bury her squeaky toy if she was tired of playing a retrieving game with us to to tell us that she was done and would keep it safe for later. Perhaps that's why many of us pet owners adopt a voice for our pets and answer back for them in human as if instinctively translating for them.LOL

  11. I need HELP! I rescued an 8 month old Australian cattle dog about 8 months ago. We have a strong bond, but he is aggressive to EVERYONE ELSE. My 10 year old son.I can't have this, but I LOVE the dog. can't stand to give up, can't afford to hire trainer. I got an e collar, no help.

  12. Needing a dog lover's advice, I immediately thought of you. My now 13 year old Corgi/Spaniel mix feline dog (in icon) was so much joy and provided me with continuous love for all these years. Since this summer, I noticed a cough which may or may not be something more serious than I thought. I took her to a vet who thought she may be in congestive heart failure, recommended an Xay and a variety of meds to help ease her discomfort. A second opinion vet did NOT hear a heart murmur, thought she needed to lose five pounds and I should give her some human cough syrup. She is still coughing, although she lost weight and hates the 1 ml cough syrup I dilute with water and pipette into her mouth with a syringe. She constantly lies by my side, doesn't hop up on the bed anymore and plays just a tiny bit. She also breathes heavily.
    Can you recommend something I can give her to feel better? or is she just old and do I have to think about ending her life? The thought of this is presently impossible . I would be happy to purchase one of your medications. Thank you.

  13. I know my little Mila is “in love” with me, so to speak, when she’s all cuddled and snuggly under a blanket and all I can see are her little eyes are just peeking thru and they are locked in on my every movement. My heart just melts. Thank you, I believe they are much deeper than most ppl think.:)

  14. My dog is 17 years old she's very playful still but she the nasty Snyder her and she has the plate moles that's growing on her and she has the stuff to want her looks like frosty looking stuff and I gotta come it off over and pay that off of work can you tell me what it maybe so I can try to treat it home I don't have enough money to take my dog to the vet thank you

  15. Dr. Jones PLEASE reply! I've noticed recently that all cat/dog food can food are from Thailand. I've fed my cat some of the top-of-line products like Soulistic, Wellness etc. I am convinced that something in this cat food and maybe even the dry food is causing cats and dogs to develop major oral issues. I just spent almost $2k on my second cat diagnosed with Stomatitis and all his teeth needed to be removed (the same with my other cat) and they both eat the same food. Coincidence or not, I would love your feedback on what cat canned/dry food you would recommend?

  16. People have asked for many years, "are we alone," when considering the possibility of extraterrestrial cultures. They're missing the fact that we've never been alone. We have always been surrounded by other thinking, feeling, communicating beings. WE were the ones too thick headed to realize this.

  17. Love this!
    Sometimes when I am laying in bed with my 3 dogs I will look over and see them staring at me so intently and with such emotion in their eyes and I always tell them, "I know…I love you too."

  18. 3yrs ago I had a frontal lobe brain haemorrhage(knew nothing about so all ok lol), but I had just carried the ironing up, it was news years day I think, next thing I wake up in hospital, poor daughter 21 at the time, brand new baby too, had been in their bedroom across the landing, when the 3 dogs came flying out of my room,over to her and went mad,barking, Orla opened the door,looked in old teddy eyes and she said he was turning his eyes to left several times,so because of my dogs, they saved me,,..try this,,next time your dog looks at you, blink twice,,that's their signal that all's well.

  19. So what emotion is a dog who has buggily eyes and their tongue hanging out just waiting for something to happen, is it excitement or just plain nuttiness? Or maybe no one is home? Some days I really wonder-lol I think you will love this on the dog and MRIs it was amazing what the brain revealed.

  20. My toy poodle will howl if I howl.  Sassy points her nose up in the air and then howls just as if she was a wolf.  She is super cute when she does this.  Once in awhile, she will sit next to me on the sofa and look at me very intently as if to say "get up and get me some food right now" all the while she is doing these unusual prolonged vocalizations.  Her former owner used to call it "talking" and it really seems like she is making these vocal sounds to get the attention mostly for food or treats.  Thanks for the video, I liked it a lot!

  21. My girl is not like any other dog (and I've been around many my whole life); she's untrainable for the most part, and she's been with us for 4 years now. She was abused by her previous 'owner' – like being in a balcony all by herself, and the most horrible part of it is that she knew hunger. When I got her, it was some sort of an arrangement – like if I could keep her for a week or two; but hey, wounds from head to tail, a massive infestation of the worst fleas I've ever seen – contaminating the other dogs and cats; I was very ill…. They failed us (great organisation, they're done now, etc). I said this animal is going nowhere, I'll 'fix' her back to health… I did, she's perfectly healthy — but her behaviour, I've never seen anything like it. Ok BTW she's a 'strange' mix but you can tell she's part Husky; pitbull; and some sort of hound.. ! I went crazy, was that a domestic dog?!? I can't tell you what's been like
    She's still with us, but WTF is this bitch (lol). We love her, just don't tell her cuz the damn thing is not from Earth LOL. She's a damn weird friend!

  22. I knew it.
    My dog definitely has a specific face for "I need to go potty!" His "I want pettings" and "Play with me" expressions are different too (I mean, just his expression, independent from the body language which is obviously different).

    He also looks at me differently than he does my husband (who my dog met later in life). My husband is forever complaining that he doesn't think our dog loves him because I get these different expressions! I told him it's just that he knew me first, and for longer, and our emotional connection is different because we interact with him differently. 🙂

  23. Hi thank you so much for your time and education to care for my 4 legged i have a Stanford terrier hes 3 years old. I really don't know what else to do for his ears he can scrash them into he bleeds I have take him to the vet in 4 ocations. Same thing they run all this test on him give him ear drops and no change I can't afford this vet bills and I don't see any improvement. I dt know if he has anxiety? Can you pls help? Any idea?thank you so much

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